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Law Office
in the centre of Brno

Law firm Lichovník, Poplštein a spol., your reliable partner in the world of law.


We are here for You!

Law firm Lichovník Poplštein a spol., was established in October 2017 on the basis of long-term cooperation in previous years. We are in the centre of Brno, under the Špilberk Castle, at Pellicova 8.

For our clients we have dedicated parking spaces right in front of the entrance.

Mgr. Štěpán Lichovník

Mgr. Štěpán Lichovník

partner, attorney

Graduated in 2012 from Palacký University in Olomouc. After graduation he first worked as assistant judge in Žďár nad Sázavou. Since 2013 he has been practicing as an articled clerk at JUDr. Petr Poledník and JUDr. Antonín Foukal law firms.

In his practice he focuses primarily on civil and commercial law arbitration. He also specializes in selected areas of corporate, administrative, construction and criminal law.

Mgr. Ivan Eric Poplštein

Mgr. Ivan Eric Poplštein

partner, attorney

Graduated in 2012 from Masaryk University in Brno. After graduation he worked as articled clerk at law firm of Mgr. Robert Grund, and since the year 2014 in the law firm of JUDr. Antonín Foukal. He is fluent in English and has successfully completed a colloquium in Communication skills in legal English, in order to develop communication skills (especially speaking and writing in legal parlance).

In his practice he deals with wide-ranging areas of law. His expertise though is mainly in criminal and civil law, namely the compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, notably those incited by traffic accidents. Furthermore, family, insurance and administrative law.

JUDr. Róbert Hlaváček

JUDr. Róbert Hlaváček

attorney trainee

Róbert graduated at Masaryk University, Faculty of Law in Brno, where in spring of 2021 he obtained a masters degree in the programme of Law and Legal Science. His diploma thesis, which is an in-depth study of the Specifics of the Investigation of Thefts and Robberies, was classified as excellent at the Department of Criminal Law. He researched the topic in a follow-up thesis, with which in fall of 2022 he obtained the academic title of Doctor of Law.

He started his legal practice during his studies with attorney-at-law Mgr. Filip Kyjovský, where he gained valuable experience in areas of civil law, commercial law and criminal law. Shortly after graduation, he started working as an attorney trainee in our law firm, where he currently works under the guidance of his supervisor, attorney-at-law Mgr. Ivan Eric Poplštein.

He deals with general practice, i.e. all areas of law, specialising in criminal law, misdemeanour law and civil law.

He is fluent in English. He regularly travels to London, where a significant part of his family resides. In his free time, he devotes himself mainly to sports.

Mgr. Matěj Procházka

Mgr. Matěj Procházka

attorney trainee

Matěj received his legal education at the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno, which he successfully completed in 2022. His master's thesis on criminal law focuses on the topic of domestic violence.

He started working at the law firm during his studies as a paralegal. He completed an internship at the criminal section of the District Court in Olomouc and also at the bailiff's office. During his studies, he successfully completed a long-term study stay at a university in Norway. He also spent a longer period of time living and working in the USA and Great Britain. Currently, in his spare time, he helps potential victims of crime in the non-profit sector.

With regard to the general practice of the law firm where Matěj works, he is involved in almost all areas of law, with a particular passion for criminal, civil and family law. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and climbing.

What do you need to help with?


  • Drafting and revision of contracts
  • Comprehensive legal services related to immovable properties
  • Recovery of claims
  • Awarding damages and recovery of sums paid but not due
  • Divorces and issues related to the settlement of the joint property of the spouses
  • Readjustment of parental responsibility (shared care, regular contact with children) and associated maintenance
  • Representation in civil litigation


  • Comprehensive legal services in commercial law
  • Establishment, dissolving and liquidation of companies and cooperatives
  • Disposal of held company shares and membership rights
  • Legal services for cooperatives and associations of unit owners
  • Registration and amendment of entries in registrars
  • Safe-keeping of securities, derivatives, and other documents
  • Establishment of foundations, endowment funds and public service companies
  • Bills of exchange and other collateral
  • Representation in commercial litigation and registry proceedings


  • Legal services for both employers and employees
  • Drafting up of related documentation (employment contract, part-time contracts, work performance agreements, termination of employment, liability for damage caused, etc.)
  • Settlement of employment disputes
  • Wage and severance issues
  • Representation in employment dispute litigation


  • Representation of clients in preliminary and court proceedings
  • Legal aid for the aggrieved party


  • Representation during administrative proceedings
  • Representation during planning and urban-planning proceedings
  • Representation during infringement proceedings
  • Representation during judicial administrative proceedings


  • Representation of aggrieved parties (non-pecuniary damages) during administrative and criminal proceedings, negotiation with insurance company
  • Representation of persons responsible for traffic accidents during administrative and criminal proceedings
  • Cooperation with physicians and forensic experts

Remuneration for legal services

A contractual fee is the most frequent method of negotiation of the remuneration. It is determined individually by agreement, depending on the legal and time demands of the relevant legal service. The hourly rate usually fluctuates between 2.000 and 4.500 CZK per hour. In case that there is no contractual renumeration agreed, a non-contractual fee can be used. Determination of the non-contractual fee is governed by The Decree of Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll., on enumeration and Reimbursement of Solicitors for the provision of Legal Services (Solicitor’s Tariff).


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